Stanley Au

In mid-2009, I read an article about Japan’s leather sculpting by chance. I was deeply impressed and attracted by the processes of making such carving art. Since then, I have embarked on the road of “leather carving art”.

At the beginning, I learned the basic skills of leather carving with my enlightenment teacher, Mr. C. K. Muk. After several years of self-cultivation and exercise, and extensive experience of sharing from many seniors in the industry, I have tried to challenge myself, and this has made me today.

Since 2013, I have received a lot of good recognition and appreciation. I began to share and impart my leather carving techniques that I have learned in these years. I hope that I can convey the journey of my hand-made leather carving, so that more friends who love leather carving can know more about this art, understand more, and then enter the beautiful world of leather carving with the right attitude.